The SafeKey System: Assists transportation companies with deploying a zero cargo loss & driver safety strategy.

We offer intelligent solutions for reducing liability and monitoring the well-being of your drivers and cargo. Customized to a fleet’s needs.

  • 24/7 Real-time response to driver initiated emergency alerts
  • Ensure immediate local public safety and emergency services response
  • Track compromised vehicles using independent GPS and communications
  • Prevent stolen vehicles from being started again with remote ignition interlock

The SafeKey System is comprised of several components:

SafeKey Remote: Emergency Alert FOB

Allows driver to send discreet wireless signal from inside the cab or up to 150ft outside of the tractor.

SafeKey Transceiver

Allows for a command signal to be sent and received remotely from a cell phone, tablet or computer – disabling the ignition interlock, ensuring the tractor does not move and cannot be started.

GPS Unit

  • Tractor location monitoring
  • Results deliverable by phone, email or text message
  • Vehicle driving history
  • Capability to disable/enable engine start
SafeKey Fleet Management System