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SafeKey – Real-Time Security For Your Most Valuable Assets

with the most innovative Driver Safety Tool and Service on the market

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Innovative, Effective and Affordable:
The Ultimate Transportation Driver Safety Tool.

Customer satisfaction and supply chain efficiency relies

upon driver safety and cargo security.

Improves the recruiting and retaining of drivers!

Why SafeKey?

Protecting Your Most Valuable Assets.

  • 24 x 7 Real-Time Security for Driver Protection
  • Recovering Compromised Vehicles
  • Assists in Driver Recruitment
  • Improves Driver Retention

Features Snapshot:

  • Emergency Alert Feature
  • Engine Disable/Enable Function
  • Real-Time tracking
  • Location, Speed and Geofence Monitoring
  • Remote Access (Web, Phone, etc.)

Create a Circle of Safety Around Your Drivers and Your Trucks:

SafeKey’s emergency alert key fob fits in your drivers pocket or on a lanyard around the neck, serving as a portable emergency alarm in the event of driver injury, medical emergencies, safety or security concerns or suspicious activity.  The system triggers a real-time 24/7 alert from up to 150′ away from the cab, notifying local public safety and emergency services.  SafeKey can also remotely disable stolen or compromised tractors.

SafeKey: The Solution to Vehicle Theft

A vehicle theft occurs once every 32.2 seconds in the United States
and incurs more than $6.5 billion in annual losses.

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