SafeKey Fleet Management

Fleet Management with the most
innovative solution on the market

Driver Location Monitoring

History of Vehicle Driving Tracked

Long-Range Remote Panic

Remote Ignition Interlock Disabling Technology

SafeKey Stops Cargo Theft and Protects Your Drivers

with the most innovative Driver Safety Tool and Service on the market

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SafeKey Fleet Management System

Affordable, Effective and Easily Attainable:
The Ultimate Transportation Driver Safety Tool.

Cargo theft is rampant and a major supply chain issue. GPS tracking is not proactive security.

Improves the recruiting of and retaining of drivers!

Protecting Your Drivers & Cargo

Your Most Valuable Assets.

  • Assists in Driver Recruitment
  • Improves Driver Retention

Features Snapshot:

  • SOS feature
  • Theft prevention
  • Real time tracking
  • Results by SMS
  • Remote access
  • Geo-Fence

Beyond Traditional GPS Systems:

The need for increased transport security of a company’s global supply chain often depends on the safety of an individual truck and its driver.

SafeKey has led an important change toward incorporating more technology into security solutions as companies around the United States strive to keep their goods & drivers safe from origin to destination.

The SafeKey System improves driver retention and is a valuable tool in recruiting new drivers.

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SafeKey: The Solution to Vehicle Theft

A vehicle theft occurs once every 32.2 seconds in the United States
and incurs more than $6.5 billion in annual losses.

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