Ignition Interlock Device Reviews and Testimonials

“We got our first SafeKey interlock client with the version 1.0 installed today. She was on a breathalyzer interlock device voluntarily. After about 6 months and the erratic behavior her unit would give her, we mentioned the SafeKey system as a less invasive alternative. Her ability to voluntarily police herself in a discrete way with no clunky handset, no random rolling tests, or recurring calibrations had her sold. I hope we can sell more of your products in the future.”
-Reid, TX 10/30/2014

“I just wanted to let you know that we got the unit installed about 2 weeks ago. It is working very well for us. It gives me a piece of mind knowing that my son is not operating his car impaired. I think it is a wonderful deterrent. Thank you for inventing it and for being so patient with all of my questions. You were right, he certainly can do it and didn’t need the slower speed.”
-Sue, OH 10/23/2014

“I told my husband had I been aware of this when my 2 kids were younger they both would have had them when they got their license. North Dakota has an amazing amount of fatalities and, given last legislature’s involvement, perhaps one of the stronger penalties as well now.”
-Barb, ND 09/23/2014

“Jim, thank you for your prompt call back and offer to send multiple back up SafeKey fobs with my order.
I can’t claim that the SafeKey system which we have had installed and successfully using for over a year alone is responsible for the change in my wife’s choices but believe it contributes significantly to her continued commitment to no longer drink. It certainly has changed her mindset and behavior prior to driving our car.
Have a safe and enjoyable holiday!”
-SA 12/23/2013

“I want to present what may be a great opportunity for you. There is a company called Safekey Corporation and they have many driver and tractor safety/security offerings. I tested one of their products that involved a key fob and cell phone that signals a discrete SOS panic alert from anywhere in the world. I also tested a feature that sends an alert if a driver deviates from an established route.

The President and CEO is Jim Rennie. This is not something I do very often, but having dealt with this guy and his company recently I can absolutely speak nothing but positives about their products and people.”
-Andy, WI 12/11/2013

“I purchased your product around April 2011, for my daughter and the car I purchased for her. The product has been fantastic.

I’m wondering if I can purchase a replacement check module. The key ring has long fallen off, and the unit case is starting to separate. My daughter has taped the case together.”
-Vicki 11/11/2013

“Everything is working great. Rob in your tech support got everything set up and we are pleased with your gps system. It certainly does what we need and much more . We are very pleased and I will spread the word about this fantastic product.”
-Dave 11/6/2013

“Thank you for your prompt and courteous response to our needs Your company has been first class when dealing with potential customers. We received the SafeKey this weekend. Again thank you for helping us.”
-Scott Zalmes 1/28/2013

“What is impaired driving? Most feel that impairment is due to alcohol, drugs or medications. They forget that impairment also deals with lack of concentration due to sleep deprivation or other outside factors. This is where SafeKey is an awesome product. First, before starting your car, the driver takes a test that is inconspicuous and determines if the driver is impaired, regardless of the reason. Conventional drug / alcohol systems do not take into account that the motorist is simply exhausted or their state of mind is elsewhere. Because SafeKey testing is checking that the reaction time of the individual is acceptable, it determines that the user is capable of reacting properly while driving.

The SafeKey corporation is outstanding in its customer service. I personally have received a phone call after-hours from the president to ensure that my system is functioning as it should. The responsiveness is second to none and the care they give to their clients is of the highest professionalism.

If you are looking for a product that can protect yourself, the drivers around you and keep private the positive steps you are taking to ensure public safety, SafeKey is the product you need.
Thank you, Jim and the SafeKey Corporation.”
-Dave, Tallmadge, OH 1/22/2013

“I have been very pleased with your product and service so far. I couldn’t be more pleased with how your product performs. It has been a huge relief to know that my son will be safe, as well as others on the road. I think it is an affordable alternative to the breath analyzers.”
-Scott Zywicki, Darlington, WI 1/14/2013

“Safekey is an outstanding company. It provides concrete protection for our teenaged sons by preventing driving while under the influence. The Safekey device undoubtedly saves lives, and prevents tragedies. The company also has exceptional customer service. My wife and I want this great company to be as successful as possible because of the great tool that they have provided to us. We tell everyone about their service.”
-Frank Fleming, Washington 12/4/2012

“The SafeKey Systems are working great for us. I need 6 more from you now! Thank you.”
-Jim Peckham, Senior VP, Cambridge Housing Association 10/12/2012

“I purchased two SafeKey systems as I have been a Type 1 diabetic for the past 42 years. The systems have restored my driving privileges and have helped me become more aware of my blood sugar levels prior to starting my vehicles. I had two accidents ahead of the knowledge that there was such a device. The SafeKey has given me my business and freedom back. Thank you, SafeKey.”
-David Rydings, 9/13/2012

“Sean is a Type 1 diabetic and is having good luck with the SafeKey System Ignition Interlock System. We have tested it in a low BGL condition and it did work very well. The SafeKey is certainly creating a unique awareness for Sean prior to operating his vehicle. Thank you.”
-Dan Smith, Rochester, NY, 8/22/2012

“I purchased two SafeKey Systems for my parents. The SafeKey Systems have worked perfectly with no troubles at all and have my parents thinking about what they are doing prior to starting their cars. Thank you.”
-Jnaine Bonk, Los Angeles, CA 5/23/2012

“I purchased this product when my daughter (age 36) wrecked the car that I had bought her. When I bought her the car we talked about drinking and driving. She promised me she would not. She was very sincere. I thought if I bought a newer car in good condition she would be careful. But I should have known that something always comes up that an alcoholic will use as an excuse. I no longer trust her, even though she has told me she has learned her lesson, and is sincere in her words.

I purchased this product after doing research on the web. Other products require periodic calibration by a specialist. I will be paying on this car for 3 more years, and do not want to keep investing money into a product. Also, other products on the market can give false readings if you have recently used anything that has alchohol in the product, like mouthwash.

I understand that this product cannot 100% prevent someone driving impaired, but I am confident enough with the way the device functions that she will not be able to drive under the influence.

I am very pleased with this product.”
-Vicki 4/27/11

“SafeKey is much more than a device to prevent a person from driving when impaired by alcohol use. My wife had a brain injury several years ago. She has been on multiple medications due to having TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury Syndrome). In addition she also has hypoglycemia. SafeKey helps to ensure that when my wife gets behind the wheel she is not impaired by either situation. From a caregiver’s perspective this device provides me with some relief that I can go to work and feel as though there is a safeguard in place that otherwise would not be there.

This device also creates a type of proactive response, when my wife knows she is going to be driving she takes better care to ensure her medications and hypoglycemia are in check. SafeKey provides my wife with the freedom to still drive where without this device that might not be the case.

Finally, if there are Delta families out there who are concerned about the alcohol consumption and driving of a loved one, this affordable device could be the first line of defense, which could mean the difference between life and death.

SafeKey provides a non-intrusive defense option for all types of impaired driving that is not available today and I would like to see others benefit from this device like I have.”
-Alan R. Krueger 4/18/11

“As someone who has spent the last 3 years working to help create safer teenage drivers, I think the SafeKey System is a great invention. Research proves that parent involvement is critical to keeping teens accident-free, but once teens have their licenses they make many decisions without a parent nearby. Having a SafeKey System installed on the family car is a powerful way to prevent some of the most painful mistakes possible; those that result from impaired driving.”
-Kelly Cusick 12/27/10

“I saw SafeKey one day on TV and I just had to check it out. The people behind this product know what they are doing and know firsthand, the repercussions of driving under the influence. I really do believe that the growth of this product will make enormous progress in the driving community and will also bring safety for those on the road.”
-Elizabeth 12/17/10

“I have read all the materials . . . All we can do is to help folks avoid tragedy – and this is one of the best tools ever made to help people do the right thing.”
-Mark Ritchie 9/3/2010

“SafeKey is easy to use, easy to install, and once you start using it, you will look at driving with more appreciation and seriousness.”
-Annette Heartwild 8/2/2010

“SafeKey protects all of us. SafeKey is a great way to make a family commitment to ensuring everyone is ready to drive when they get behind the wheel.”
-Ernest Grumbles III 7/15/2010

“There are many advantages to using the SafeKey: it prevents the social drinker from driving on alcohol, it prevents drivers who may have temporary illnesses that impair them from driving, and prevents drivers who are too emotional to drive from driving. Remember, you impair your ability to drive with anything, be it with alcohol, drugs, emotions, food, or by the environment in the vehicle, and you are gambling with your life and other’s lives as well.”
-Mark Prudhomme 6/27/2010

“I see so many products being developed to prevent impaired driving. But, the SafeKey is the best I have seen. It is proactive: not after the fact, after all the devastation has occurred from impaired driving. The SafeKey check module allows you to assess your own personal readiness to drive.”
-Debbie Prudhomme 6/24/2010

“I have SafeKey in my car and recently drove from Minneapolis to New Orleans. I parked my car in various hotel lots and city streets along the way including downtown New Orleans. I had no fear of having my car stolen because of SafeKey and had no other problems. SafeKey gave us peace of mind because I knew I was okay to drive.”
-Frank Godiard 5/10/2010

“I am a person that has encountered two DUIs and asked to have the SafeKey installed in my automobile. I have just been told by the court system that I do not need any items at all anymore in my car. I told them that the SafeKey is staying in my car as it gives me complete solace to relax, take a breath, and pass the test prior to starting engine.”
-Christine Rayer 4/23/2010

“I have installed the SafeKey in our family car. We decided to do this for our son who has recently received his driver’s permit. The SafeKey and the wisdom behind its purpose is already being felt by my teen. He clearly knows why the device is installed and his awareness is terrific.”
-Thia Bednar 4/2/2010

“I purchased and had SafeKey installed in my 2008 Buick Enclave on March 25, 2010. I have found it very easy to use the SafeKey module each time I get into the car, complete the testing and be able to start my car within 10 seconds. I hope I never fail the check module test, but it is satisfying to know that it would prevent me from driving if impaired. I would highly recommend this for persons that operate vehicles.”
-Richard Galbraith 3/29/2010

My son took to the SafeKey like a duck to water. He nailed it on his first try. He said, “Mom, this is going to change the way I think prior to driving.” then he added, “I definitely don’t think I can do it once I’ve had a beer though.”

His dad and I have “peace of mind.” Thank you so much for all your help.
We will probably order another one for my daughter’s car in a year, when she’s ready to have her car at college.

“Let me tell you my story that is related to hypoglycemic unawareness. Some parts of the story are kind of funny, but still deadly serious.

“I have been diabetic for 44 years and have been blessed with good health. The last 10 of those 44 years have been spent using an insulin pump to help me keep my disease under fairly tight regulation. Looking back it seems that every 21/2 years something occurs that results in a low blood sugar episode with me behind the wheel.

“Prior to my traveling, I had seen a video of Mario Andretti and his son, both Indy car drivers, taking a trip to a farm in Ohio. They introduced themselves to the farmer who led them to his barn and pulled a tarp off the Indy Offenhauser he had in storage. Andretti purchased the car.

“In the next scene, Andretti’s son is talking about how fast things can happen in a racecar. They both climbed into their Indy racers and zoomed through the Ohio countryside. The son’s voice said you have to be ready for anything and flicked the wheel. Immediately the car switched ends and he was cruising backward with dad in the other car. He flicked the wheel again and the swap happened again with him closing on dad and passing him. This was a memorable scene to take place on a two-lane county road.”

Episode 1: 2001 Chevy Impala
“I was traveling from the east coast to west to my home in Santa Barbara. Flying with the sun makes a long day. When I reset the time on my insulin pump, I unthinkingly repeated some of the background insulin profile that had already passed.
“When I got home, I checked my blood sugar: “70.” That’s starting to get low—time for a Costco hot dog.

“Last thing I remember, I was driving under the Hollister Avenue bridge. I was headed up the coast to top off the car battery that had been sitting for over a week. The car started to rumble and I’m suddenly going backward next to the freeway. I remembered Andretti’s son’s trick. I flicked the wheel and the car spun around and down the freeway I went. I looked in the rearview mirror and two California Highway Patrolmen were blocking traffic behind me. One of them pulled up alongside and ordered me over. I pulled off onto the shoulder and stopped. He asked, “What are you doing?” I told him I was driving up the coast to the next exit to turn around and get something to eat. He stated, “Your right rear and left front tires are flat and you don’t even have a left rear wheel!” He started a sobriety test and then ordered me away from the car. It burst into flames.
“Thank God the paramedics arrived and administered glucose. Next was an $800 ride to the hospital, but at least I was alive.

“The following day, I went to my lunch spot where the owner asked how I was doing. ‘Oh, I crashed my car,’ I answered. ‘I have to find who has it so I can get the keys.’
“A voice behind me said, ‘There aren’t any keys. Everything melted up to the firewall. I’m the one that hauled it in.’
“Always test blood sugar before getting behind the wheel!”

Episode 2: 2003 Toyota Prius
“Driving from Santa Barbara to Ventura, I had normal blood sugar before the drive. I Bolused in advance of the meal so the insulin would have time to absorb and cover the meal I was planning to have. I stopped at Best Buy to pick up a radio. I was so confused, I wasn’t sure what to buy, so I headed home. I ended up going the opposite direction and a fellow motorist noticed my uneven driving. I did not make a proper stop at an intersection so he cell-phoned the police. On this trip I drove into the end of a highway barrier that gave a safety margin between the highway and railroad tracks beyond and below.
“I lost my license on this event because the Ventura police wrote it up as a DUI—driving under the influence (of insulin in this case, but one can be cited for anything that will impair you).”

Episode 3: 2008 Scion xD
“This was a most bizarre event. I had gone to bed and mysteriously arose, dressed, and awakened behind the wheel. I remember driving cautiously on Interstate 15 keeping a 62 mph pace. I flashed my lights to signal truckers that it was clear to re-enter the lane ahead of me. I remember very little of the drive except that 300 miles later I was on the wrong side of an underpass of I-15 and 3300 South in Salt Lake City. Paramedics were reviving me and talking with the officer at the scene. Nobody hurt, no damage. The officer called a tow truck and asked me to let him drive me home and promise to eat, which I did.”

Episode 4: 2008 Scion xD—The clincher!
“I had my third insulin pump failure and was forced to switch back to insulin injections using long-acting insulin my doctor had given me as a backup. The insulin was a type I had never used or been educated on. It was the long Labor Day weekend of 2012 and the pump had died on Monday. I started the long acting insulin injection twice a day, 12 hours apart. I did not know that this insulin was a delivery system to inject once a day. Tuesday at work all was fine with good blood sugars. (I test 7 to 8 times per day.) Wednesday morning I awakened late, showered, dressed, and dashed out the door. Traffic was horrendous due to ongoing road projects. Consciousness was slipping away rapidly. All I remember were orange cones everywhere I went. I started my trip to work at 9:00 a.m. and at 11:30, paramedics were administering glucose to me where I-80 enters into I-215 near Parleys Canyon. I was normalized and then spoke with the Utah Highway Patrol officer at the scene. He was a very gracious individual and understood what had happened when I explained it to him. All I had hit was an orange cone. I was very apologetic and feared that I could have seriously hurt someone. My car would not start so I had it towed to the dealership. While waiting for the tow truck, a Salt Lake police officer stated a motorcyclist with whom I had nearly collided had spotted me still on the ramp. After telling the officer his story of what he saw, he asked the officer to check on me. The officer said I had terrorized many folks, but he was glad to see I was okay along with the others. I promised I would find a way to put a stop to this happening.
“The damage to the car was quite expensive. I had apparently shifted into too low a gear and let the clutch out. The rev limiter on a car can’t protect against such a condition. I had forced the timing chain to jump and bent the valves as well as damaged some suspension components.
“When I got to work the next day I discussed with my boss and some co-workers how I could prevent this from happening. While we were talking, a buddy had typed in the correct wording to bring up SafeKey in the search engine.

“I called and spoke to the President & CEO, Mr. Jim Rennie. Mr. Rennie is the most professional and compassionate businessman I have ever met. I purchased the SafeKey Plus System.

“I am happy to say this danger to myself and to others is finally being mitigated.”
-Stephen Lambrecht 11/10/2012

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